Wardrobe planning for your session may feel a little daunting, but trust me it doesn't have to be! I really love to select a dress or outfit that mom loves and create a color palate of three to four coordinating colors and work off of that! If you are unsure you can always chat with me and we can work together to plan your outfit! There is no need to be afraid of patterns or textures, just stay in line with your palate and it will look amazing! Check out my tips for coordinating an amazing family wardrobe!

the key is coordination

I am all for matching sibling outfits, I mean I have two girls and the matching outfit cuteness is unreal! However, try your best to avoid matching outfits on the day of your session and opt for coordinating colors instead! If you have kiddos who love to match, try incorporating some matching elements like hair accessories, jewelry or even matching dresses in different colors! And to be clear, matching colors count as well even if it is technically a different shirt. If you're side by side with the same color we can lose some detail and everything ends up blending together.

when in doubt, go neutral

This is an easy one! If you are overwhelmed by a color palate, try a mix of creams, tans and greys - you cannot go wrong here! Earth tones are also a great place to start, or just anything with softer tones!

dress for the season

Being in Michigan can be tough at times with unpredictable weather, especially in the peak family photo season - fall! Accessories such as hats, gloves or even big blankets to wrap everyone up in can lead to some amazing photos. Especially if you have younger children, opt for warmer clothes rather than powering through a cute outfit.

let it flow

My favorite outfit elements are dresses or skirts that flow, for any age. Outfits that show movement lead to some really amazing shots, plus who doesn't love a dress your can twirl in? The same goes for the guys too, fabrics that have that worn feel and aren't overly stiff are best!

be comfortable & be you

If you aren't a ballgown kind of person, don't force yourself into something you will feel stressed out in. There is nothing wrong with wearing jeans and a t-shirt if that is what you feel more comfortable in. Let's make it fun with accessories and embrace your style! You do not need to invest in a brand new wardrobe for amazing shots!

things to avoid

  • clothing with logos on it
  • large bold prints that may be distracting
  • bold primary colors

things to consider

  • technology watches
  • sentimental items to bring along
  • bringing along walking shoes
  • props or accessories: hats, umbrellas, blankets
  • fur babies!

things to remember

  • guys - empty your pockets!
  • hair ties on your wrist

things i share

  • blankets
  • baskets
  • crates
  • cake stands

if you have any questions about outfits, props or anything session related just shoot me a message, i would love to help!