celebrate life's new events with milestone photos

Being your family's forever photographer means I'll be there with you every step of the way. No matter what big life milestone you're experiencing, I can help you capture the joy and excitement in stunning family portraits.


Maternity Photo Session

Maternity sessions are super fun because you get to experience the pure elation of those weeks before you welcome your new baby into the world. These sessions are best when you are 32-36 weeks along, but can be done as early as 28 weeks.


Fresh 48 Photo Session


The first 48 hours of your baby's life are a whirlwind. You're both exhausted and getting used to your new life together. I can come to the hospital from 24-48 hours after birth and capture these first few moments together. From your newborn's tiny toes to Dad's big smile and Mom's first kisses, it's all so special.


In-Home Newborn Photo Session


Once you bring your new bundle of joy home, I can come visit you and capture some of those precious first days. We can be in your nursery for some Mommy & Me time, in the bathroom for the baby's first bath, or in the bedroom for nap time. Whatever you want to capture, I'm there for it all!


Cake Smash Photo Session


Many families are choosing to have a special cake made that is meant to be smashed by your little one on their first birthday. I can help set up a small backdrop and take a few quick shots of the joyful messiness while you're still close to the bathtub!


Milestone Photos with Jessica Bilbrey


There are many other big life moments I can help you immortalize, like engagements, weddings, and family reunions. Contact me today to learn more or to book your session!