my tricks for capturing the best children's photography images

We all know that kids can be hard to control. They are so full of energy that they need to run around and burn it all off. However, it may not feel like you are going to receive the beautiful candid images you hoped for, but rest assured you will!. I'm a mom too, so I understand kids and their behaviors. Here are the three steps I take to make sure our session goes well.



Before I start taking photos, I'll get down on your kids' level and talk with them. I'll ask them a few questions like what their name is, how old they are, and who their favorite character is from "Frozen". I find that when I show a little interest in them, and get to know them, they open much better and more easily follow my directions from behind the camera.

Play With Them


Another way to gain the trust of kids in a photography session is to play with them. I like to find something in common with them, and start to play a little based on that connection. If I can get them to run around a little with me, I can usually get a big smile out of them, and some great candid shots.


Make Friends With Them


Once we've developed a solid connection, kids are usually more likely to be able to sit still and listen to directions while we do posed shots. As a mom, I know how important it is to treat kids well. And when I do, they can't wait to come back for their next children's photography session!


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I'm Jessica Bilbrey and I would love to be your family's forever photographer! Please contact me today if you have any questions or wish to book a session!