Nine Healthy Habits You Can Start Right Now!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Yesterday I started a 30 day photography challenge on Facebook and Instagram to force me to pick up my camera, be creative and honestly just connect with people. Day 1 was a self portrait which I did on purpose because I am never really behind the camera and it felt pretty good to put actual clothes on and makeup, even though I immediately wanted to wash it off, haha!

Day 2 of the challenge is a healthy habit and I kind of just picked random things to put into the challenge and then all day yesterday I was brainstorming on what to photograph because I actually have way more healthy habits than I thought - which felt pretty damn good! This got me thinking that I wanted to write down all of the habits, because as a Mom I can get pretty hard on myself about never getting through my list of things. The day flies by, I never sit down, then at the end I feel a little defeat because I didn't "accomplish" anything - but truly I accomplished so much that I don't give myself credit for. So, here I am on my blog putting it out there and I hope it is an exercise that helps you realize that you are killing it!

1. Mindfulness (cough cough cooking)

So if you know me on a personal level you probably know that I have an extreme passion for cooking & baking so it is likely not shocking that it made its way into the photo challenge on day 2. The reason I am listing it as mindfulness is because it is something that I not only love, but it is extremely calming for me and a time where I like to think, listen to a podcast or spend time with Gwen. I am doing a task that doesn't feel like a task and I think that qualifies as mindfulness - at least for me! I chose to photograph the shaggy dough resting phase of my sourdough bread, which is my current obsession. I made my own starter last year for Thanksgiving and I have been nursing it weekly and trying out all kinds of new sourdough recipes, but this is one that made it into my recipe book and I have made countless times for some amazing sandwiches.

2. Exercise

Okay, so a goal we all have - right? Before I had Gwen I was pretty regularly active and I am someone who feels way better with movement. However, post baby, basically two jobs, and "the list" made it so I never really got around to it. During this quarantine I have been making a commitment to move this up on my list and I feel pretty great that over the past week alone I have worked out 5 days. I know that I like routine, so when Gwen goes down for a nap I have been going in the basement immediately which is working for me.

3. Fruits & Veggies

This is a small accomplishment, but it is making me feel good. It is so important to get at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in daily and I am kind of taking this time at home to be the best, healthiest version of me so I have been making sure I have a smoothie every day - workout or not.

4. No takeout

Something Dave and I always talk about is going a month with not a single takeout meal - seems easy for someone who loves cooking, right? Wrong. I love cooking, but also love a break. The extra time at home though has made this less of a chore and we have gone over a month with not a single purchased meal which I feel so good about. Not only that we finally did it, but I just feel better. I still have junk food cravings, but I have been able to curb it so far with homemade pizza.

5. Spend more time in the shower + self care

I am sure any mom reading this knows the speed shower you take because of "the list" (wow, I am really hung up on this apparently), but is the extra 10 minutes really going to ruin your day? Probably not. I have been taking an extra few minutes for a body scrub or a face mask and not only does my skin feel amazing, but I feel good that I took a breather when no one else is around and did something 100% just for me. You need a couple minutes like this as a mom, because in an hour someone is staring at you while you go to the bathroom asking if you pooped or not- yes, that is real.

6. Spend an incredible amount of time with Gwen

One of my goals with leaving my corporate job was to be home with Gwen as much as I could, but this quarantine essentially paused my business and is allowing me to soak in being a full time Mom. May seem daunting, but this is pretty much my dream and I have been loving all the time with her. At first I thought, how on earth will I get anything done, but turns out she is the best helper ever (not biased at all) and helps me do everything.

7. Reading

The beginning of quarantine allowed me to finish a book I started months prior, The Montessori Toddler, and honestly I am not a reader so this was huge for me. I always read cookbooks and that's about it, but I love learning about the different parenting methods and this is motivating me. On to the next book, How to Talk so Kids Will Listen. It is super satisfying to try new things and see what works and what doesn't, and while I am not doing a full blown Montessori approach with Gwen I am trying to implement a lot of the practices and I really am loving it.

8. Fresh Air

Aside from the last week where it was too cold, Gwen and I have been getting out daily. Especially when I was working full time there would be days where I didn't go outside at all and man did I miss just walking. My in-laws live about a mile away so it has been nice because we order a lot of groceries and Gwen and I walk them over, sneak in a couple baked goods and at least get to see them from a ways a way, because of course we are following social distancing.

9. Family Time

Of course we are all spending time with our family that is quarantined with us, but we have been doing video calls with so many family members and friends. I am not sure if I will ever actually just call people anymore. I used to hate face-time and now I am loving it. We have a list of people we try to call daily and it has been great to virtually spend time with everyone.

Well, there you have it, my core list of healthy habits and accomplishments. This is not to mention all the things on "the list" that I actually do complete, because I am pretty productive, but man did this challenge make me feel pretty good today. I hope it does for you,too! I would love to hear what healthy habits you are doing - leave them in the comments below!

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