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Updated: May 20, 2020

Bringing home a new baby is a zero expectations kind of thing, if you ask me. I remember trying to just throw Google out the window and roll with the punches when we brought home Gwen, because I don't think you will ever really know what to expect.

Now, this is totally not true for a newborn session in your home, so I thought it may be helpful to talk about what happens and how to prepare. For newborns I always schedule on weekday mornings within the first two weeks after delivery. I note your delivery date in my calendar and then you keep me posted on the arrival and we will firm up a date and time that works best. We try to schedule right after a feed, but also babies do whatever they want, so we will always have plenty of time to break for a snack if we need to.

We will start in the nursery and usually do some shots in the living room and master bedroom. All rooms will feature a combination of solo shots, parents and baby + everyone together. I bring along basket options, unless you already have some you would like to use.

Things that are helpful to prepare for your session:

1. Remove as much clutter as you can in the rooms you know we will be in. I may ask to shuffle some items around, but it is always a good idea to keep our canvas as free and open as possible!

2. Plan 2-3 outfits for your new baby. I love having variety so this is a great way to pre-plan by laying out some options. I also try to grab some diaper shots if the baby lets me!

3. Pull out a couple of swaddles that go along with the outfits. Swaddles are not just for wearing! I can use them to wrap the moses basket mattress, lay around the baby on your bed, etc. so having some on hand that you love will bring an extra personal touch!

4. Think about any keepsakes, small stuffed animals or other accent pieces you may want to include to personalize your session.

5. Coordinate colors! This is the biggest tip for pretty much any session, but ensure all of your outfits balance each other. Don't be afraid to incorporate different prints or textures, just make sure your colors all compliment each other. Also, don't be afraid to send me photos! I love helping with this step and I am so happy to get involved in your planning!

Hope this helps! If I left out any major things you are wondering about, leave a comment below!

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